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There are hundreds of kids in Vermilion County who are in the middle of a tremendous tug-of-war. For various reasons, their parents cannot take care of them, so they’ve entered the foster system – a scary place for any kid. Helpless, these kids must learn to navigate a world of case workers, foster families, law enforcement, and lawyers. These kids need an advocate, one person on whom they can depend to fight for them and their best interests. 

 That’s where CASA comes in. Well-trained, caring court-appointed special advocates study the child’s case, develop a relationship with the child, and become the child’s voice in the courtroom. No one else in the process speaks solely for the child. That’s why CASA is so important. 

Children at risk in the foster system are less likely to complete high school, enter college, and develop stable family relationships of their own as adults. You can help break that cycle. You can give a child hope for a better future. You can be a CASA.